The mobile training platform built for frontline field deskless workers

Training your mobile workers is simpler than you think. Skip the logistical nightmare — build microlearning courses online, and deliver them straight to your team's smartphones.

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Train every frontline employee, without disrupting the work day

Deliver better training for maximum ROI

Training that’s long and drawn-out is unenjoyable. And that means it’s ineffective. TalentCards is a mobile learning app that uses the power of microlearning to make an impact on users. In as little as 5 minutes a day, employees can learn and reinforce important training topics.

You’ll see tangible results, like increased engagement, higher completion rates, and lower average training costs.

Reach every employee, no matter their location

Training that’s inconvenient to access is training that doesn’t get done. With the TalentCards app, mobile workers can train directly from their smartphones, and even download content for offline viewing. Over a cup of coffee, or directly on the job, training is always at their fingertips.

Slash training costs across the board

You don’t have to sacrifice working hours to deliver training to your frontline. Whether your mobile workers are spread out across the globe, or all in one building, you can bring training straight to them, while keeping them on the job.

Discover how shorter, more frequent training sessions are less costly and more effective over the long term, than long, one-time events.

Eliminate the forgetting curve

Training shouldn’t be a once-a-year, check-off-the-boxes kind of event. TalentCards helps you make it a daily habit, so that your people apply what they learn, and keep critical job information front of mind.

The app’s spaced repetition setting identifies users’ areas of difficulty, and adjusts training to focus on improving them. That means they only spend time on topics that need improvement, and not on ones that don’t.

Build mobile training with TalentCards in 3 simple steps

TalentCards is different from traditional learning management systems. The platform leverages the power of microlearning to help you build short, impactful learning courses. In just 3 easy steps, you put training in the hands of every deskless worker.

  1. Create a card set image

    Create a card set

    Create a new card set and add your training materials, including images, videos, and links. The concise space on each single or double-sided card encourages you to focus on including only the most important information, and eliminating the fluff.

  2. Add users to your mobile learning platform image

    Add users

    Add or upload users into the platform. Sort them into groups, and give each of your managers an admin account. Admins create and share card sets, as well as track completion rates, helping you measure training effectiveness.

  3. Share your card sets with your frontline employees image

    Share card sets

    Your mobile workers download the TalentCards app, and enter their access code. In minutes they have training at their fingertips. With a click of a button, you’ve shared training with your people, no matter where they are in the world.

See what our users have to say

Diego Melo Silvestrini Technical Training Supervisor

I can see an improvement in performance. For instance, I see fewer problems with brakes after brake training. I see fewer problems with door locks after a door lock training … We see an improvement in the end line, and fast.

Diego Melo Silvestrini Technical Training Supervisor
Diego Melo Silvestrini
Technical Training Supervisor
Tyler Snyder Global Director of Commercial Development

TalentCards is the mechanism we use to keep the learning alive … I think the number one benefit is engagement with learning. We’re just seeing that it’s fun, it’s getting people to engage in a different way, versus feeling like they’re forced to attend yet another conference call.

Tyler Snyder Global Director of Commercial Development
Tyler Snyder
Global Director of Commercial Development

Why is a mobile training platform
better for a deskless workforce?


of deskless employees prefer short training sessions that happen at regular intervals over long, one-time training events


of frontline workers report feeling comfortable using their own personal mobile devices to complete training


of deskless workers agree that access to additional training would help them feel more connected to their company's values and missions

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